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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything about all the processes of purchase, return and exchange at SIENNA are here. If there's any question you have regarding any of this information you can send us an email at


Where is my order dispatched from?

Our orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Lisbon, by Batch.

Some specific items, such as Last Chance, for example, are directly dispatched from our office in Algés.

Please remember that you will receive a confirmation email for your order. A second email will be send to let you know your order has been dispatched.

Pick up at our store or at home Delivery?

When you finish your purchase online you can choose whether you wish to pick it up at our store in Algés or receive it at home.

Remember you have 15 following days after purchase to pick up and/or exchange/return your order.

After filling out all of your information, you will receive a confirmation email.

For pick up, please do check our store's schedule at the footer of our website or at our instagram page.

Entered the wrong address?

It is best if you double check your address prior to completing checkout.

If you do need to change your address and your order has not been shipped, please be sure to contact our customer service immediately by email or calling us on +351 913 885 696.

When will I receive my order?

For in stock items, they will be dispatched between 2-4 days.

The Pre-Order items will have the information in their description. The estimated time of delivery is usually two to three weeks, after the moment of purchase.

Receiving a wrong item or size?

We want to ensure you receive your order correctly and on time but we are a small team. In case you receive a wrong item or size, please send us an email at

Will I pay any customs/ fees?

While shipping worldwide with our partner carriers Batch and DHL there is still a possibility of each country taxing the clients customs fee due to the specific Importation Laws of each country. Please check your current legislation.


What is a Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order is a Pre-Sale that secures you the item in your right size right as we open the sale.

When we do receive stock in our Batch Warehouse or at our office, orders will be dispatched by chronological order before the item is available to the general public.

When will my Pre-Order be sent?

Our Pre-Orders are usually sent in two to three weeks after the sale is open and the order is confirmed.

Can I Return or Exchange my Pre-Order item?

Yes, our Return & Exchange policies applies the same to our Pre-Order items.

Keep in mind, since we produce our Pre-Order items on demand we might not have stock available at the time of Return/Exchange of the same item.


Finding your Size

Finding the right size can vary a bit because of different fit of the fabrics and our unique designs.

The way we recommend you to find the best fit is to follow our fit size guide. In addition we mention the sizing of the model in our product descriptions.

General Sizing

Our usual sizes are:

TOPS: XS/S - 34 | S/M - 36  | M/L-38 | L/XL-40

BOTTOMS: XS - 34 | S - 36 | M - 38 | L - 40


What is our Return Policy?

Our Return Policy is available here.

What is a Return?

A Return is the process of returning back your order in case you are not happy with it. You can return an item only within the 15 following days after purchase.

How to Return an Item?

You can now return your items easily. In case you are not happy with your pieces or you need to exchange/return it, be sure to do it WITHIN the 15 day exchange policy. You can scan the QR code that you receive in your order.

You can also login directly on our website with your purchase email to ask us for a return. Here.

[In case of exchange, request a return but write the name of the item and size in the NOTE field].

IMPORTANT: Only after receiving our APPROVAL EMAIL, you can place this document inside your return box with your order number filled in below and send it to us.

Is my item Available for Return?

Your item/items available for return need to be in mint perfect condition. The tag must be on the piece and the piece must be clean and in unused condition.

If your piece is in perfect condition you can submit your request for a Return with our QR CODE or directly on our website.

What happens if my Return is denied?

We can deny a Return if you submit your request after the 15 days policy (without any prior contact to our customer care team).



Last Chance pieces can be returned and exchange just as long as you submit the request within the 15 day period after purchase.

Can an in store Final Sale piece be returned?

No. These pieces are not available for return.

We do offer exchanges or store credits on FINAL SALE.

We do not accept returns on FINAL SALE items due to the finals sale being in store and since the customer is seing all the product details, we do offer exchange but no returns.

I missed shopping during your sale, can you extend the sale?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer to extend the sale after the period of time announced publicly for any specific sale.


What payment methods do we accept?

On our website, the payment methods are: Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.


What is my gift voucher pin?

At the moment we are producing personal gift cards and sending you directly to your email. We also arrange these Gift Cards to be send to your friends or family on a special date if you do inform us in advance so we can send them their special gift card.

What are our gift card conditions?

When a gift card is purchased online, it takes a few hours to arrive by email.

We provide your code in a special design newsletter style (chosen by the buyer) we send it out accordingly by email with your name or the friend/family name.

We send it to the email address provided as the 'Recipient email'.

Please know that each GIFT CARD is only to be used by the email provided, it can only be used 1 time.

Gift cards are valid for a term of 3 months from the date of purchase.

Can I use my gift card online or in store?

Our Gift Cards are available to use online and in store.


Can I Edit my order after I place it?

If you do enter the wrong size or color item and finish the purchase, please be sure to send us an email right away to or call us directly at +351 913 885 696.

I can't find the item I wanted to purchase online or is listed as sold out. What can I do?

If the item still shows up on our website as sold out, we are still producing more unities of the piece, to be soon restocked.

If the item is no longer online, and you cannot find it, we won't be producing any more of the piece.

If you want to be updated on this be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on instagram.

Where is my confirmation Email?

If you don't receive a confirmation email after you finish your purchase and payment process correctly, it is ikely that you have placed your email incorrectly.

Please send us an email right away to our with your name and number of purchase/items, so we can update your email information.

After your email is corrected, you will start to receive your order updates and will make the process of exchange and return available to you online.