about us

the story behind the brand

I was born in Lisbon.

Raised by two professinal seamstresses who shared the same name, Maria, and the passion for tailoring...

They were my grannies. Growing up their side had an impact in the way I look at the clothes and fashion in general. I inherited their meticolous work ethichs and love for detail. There is something special in creating a piece with your own hands.

Sienna started as a hobby and is now my full time job. When I look back, to a time where I used to sit on one of my grannies' laps, I realised this is what I was always meant to be doing.

​At Sienna I believe in the uniqueness of a small production and pieces that last. I'm always looking for fabrics and details that make my pieces stand out. I don't follow a trend but, there is one thing I always aim for: making clothes for women to feel both confortable and confident in themselves.

Because, after all, more than swing, my grannies thought me that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfection.